Vegan Skincare Favourites 2016

On my journey into veganism, something I’ve become really passionate about is vegan skincare, beauty products and haircare. I’ve never been very interested in makeup, or even what fash wash or shampoo I used, I would usually just go for whatever was on offer in Boots.

Since going vegan I am so much more considerate of my purchasing habits and feel so happy to have discovered so many lovely vegan products, most of which are made with natural and/or organic ingredients, without harsh chemicals or drying alcohols.

Here are a few of my vegan skincare favourites.


First up, it’s Pai. I’d heard of Pai and knew that I had to try their range. It’s 100% vegan and they have a range of products to suit different skin types. I myself went for the Pure Hydration collection. So far since using it I’ve felt my skin is less dry, less irritated, and generally happier.

My favourite probably is the Avocado and Jojoba Hydrating Day Cream – it’s so moisturising that my skin doesn’t get dry throughout the day, yet it doesn’t make my skin feel oily or shiny. Plus it smells so fresh.I also love their Camelia and Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser – it makes my skin feel so clean and so soft.



One from Pai which I bought at a later stage when I wanted something a bit more indulgent was their Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil. I use it most days before bed, and sometimes in the morning mixed with a moisturiser. I think it’s really helped moisturise my skin and heal some pesky dry patches, plus it’s so relaxing and smells lovely.


Another brand which make some great vegan beauty items are Organic Surge. All but one of their products are vegan, which they state on their website.

I have been using their Perfecting Face Polish once or twice a week and it works a real treat for exfoliating skin and brightening it up.

I also got their Deep Cleansing Face Mask free when I ordered online, and have used it a couple of times and really like it. It’s got a kind of clay-like sensation on the skin but isn’t too heavy and leaves my face feeling heavenly soft!


Some favourites I have to mention are Lush. When I was vegetarian I idolised Lush and thought it was so fantastic they were cruelty free and offered handmade, fresh products. Of course now I realise they still use animal products like honey, milk, and even eggs in some of their products – BUT – they do have a great selection of vegan items.

Two I have repurchased a few times are their moisturisers Enzymion and Celestial. Enzymion is fantastically light and has a zingy smell, and is great for light moisturisation with no oiliness or residue. Celestial is a little more intense, and is great to use in the evenings, especially in Winter or when your skin just needs a little extra care. Both are so calming and don’t sting or make my face red like other moisturisers I used to use did.


Last one – I discovered the 100% vegan Australian brand Sukin while browsing TK Maxx (surprisingly a place I now buy most of my skincare, bodycare and haircare products).

I’ve tried this Sensitive Cleansing Gel as well as their Cream Cleanser, and found both to be lovely. I’d say if you have dry skin like me, stick to a cream cleanser. If you have normal or combination type skin, a cleansing gel will work just fine. For me it caused my skin to just feel a little dry afterwards. They all smell so good – a recurring theme here it seems!


Anyway, that has been my recent vegan skincare discoveries post. I hope to explore more and find what works for me – but all of these are lovely and I’d definitely recommend them, depending on your skin’s needs. I’d love to know what vegan skincare you use, so I can try it! Let me know in the comments if you have any recommendations.




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